Kiwis Count Survey

Last updated: 21 April 2017

Measures the quality of public sector organisations' services by researching New Zealanders' perceptions and experiences.

Update 16 December 2015: Kiwis Count June 2015 Annual Report published

This report is the thirteenth report update from the Kiwis Count survey since 2012 when the survey became continuous. An interactive spreadsheet of the quarterly and annual service quality results for individual services is also published.

The 2015 results show New Zealanders have high trust in their public services and their trust and satisfaction continues to grow.

Levels of trust based on experience have increased two percentage points over the year to 79%. This is twelve percentage points higher than 2007. However, their perception of trust has declined two percentage points over the year to 43%.

The overall Service Quality Score (SQS) for June 2015 is 74, one point higher than June 2014 and two points higher than June 2012 and June 2013. Satisfaction has increased from 68 in 2007. Over the 2015 year:

  • 23 services improved their annual scores on their June 2014 score with eight of these improvements being statistically significant.
  • Nine services had the same score as in June 2014.
  • Ten services declined over the year but none of these decreases were statistically significant.

The June 2015 report includes some demographic analysis of the overall trust and SQS results and reports results for the Drivers of Satisfaction, which are also measured by Kiwis Count, for the first time since 2012. The June 2015 report also includes case studies from NZ Police and Inland Revenue about their efforts to improve the way they deal with their customers. This work has led to increased SQS results for these agencies.

The annual information included in the report draws on the experience of 2,365 New Zealanders who completed Kiwis Count between July 2014 and June 2015.

The Kiwis Count survey has been developed from work done by the State Service Commission's (SSC's) multi-year research programme on what services really matter to the New Zealand public. More information on our research programme and how we identify what services would be measured can be found on our website.

Kiwis Count measures satisfaction and identifies areas for improvement in public services. The measurement is only part of the survey's aim and the greatest value of Kiwis Count is improved service delivery in the public sector. Government agencies use the Kiwis Count data to assist with service enhancements and design, and performance improvement.

The survey is carried out by the SSC and managed on its behalf by an independent research organisation, Gravitas Research and Strategy Limited.

The Kiwis Count survey is modular with the main part of the survey measuring New Zealanders’ satisfaction with frequently used public services. 

Over time, the survey has changed with modules being swapped in and out as satisfaction data on different aspects of service provision has been required.  Copies of all the questionnaires are available below.  

From 2016, annual reports using December year end data will be published.  Results from June 2012 to June 2015 were published quarterly (using six month rolling average results) and can be downloaded in the Related Site Content section below.  The Related Site Content also includes the Channels Report 2013 – this report draws on a series of questions in the survey about channel use and preference which were included in the survey in 2009 and 2012.

Copies of Questionnaires

Information for Survey Participants

Participants are selected from names on the electoral roll. Approximately 500 people will take part every quarter (three months) and around 2,000 every year. For those who have been invited to take part in the survey, SSC publishes information on our website on what's required of you.

Survey Methodology

Technical information about the survey, including methodology, field work, the questionnaire and the response rate is available in the Technical Reports.

Related Data Files

This section is where you will find the data from previous Kiwis Count surveys. You will also find related information at - this is a directory of publicly-available, non-personal New Zealand government held data and links to datasets held on other government organisation's websites.

All Kiwis Count survey datasets are in csv format and are available on our website.