Lead Toolkit for Employing Disabled People in the State Sector

Last updated: 6 October 2017

Employing and retaining disabled people in the State Sector

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From the Ministers

We want the State Sector to take a leadership role in employing disabled people. Employing disabled New Zealanders will give the public confidence that the State Sector understands, and is responsive to, the needs of its diverse citizens. New Zealanders expect that the State Sector is truly representative of the New Zealand population.

Nearly a quarter of the working aged population is disabled, so failing to tap into this employment pool will mean that the State Sector is potentially missing out on people who can be valuable contributors to New Zealand.

This Toolkit is part of a raft of initiatives that we are introducing to assist the State Sector to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for disabled people.

Employment is important for everyone. Unfortunately some employers overlook disabled New Zealanders. This may be because of (false) beliefs about the costliness and difficulty of employing disabled people, or unwarranted health and safety concerns.

This Toolkit is a valuable resource for State Sector leaders, managers and HR professionals. Another resource that sits alongside this Toolkit is a video, Taking the Lead, which showcases disabled people who have been successfully employed in the State Sector. Disabled employees and their managers have been interviewed. The positive and inspiring stories of these employees truly illustrate that the employment of disabled people in the State Sector is a win–win situation for everyone – managers, the organisation, the clients and New Zealand as a whole.

We are looking to chief executives to drive the change needed in their organisations to increase the employment of disabled people. We are calling on you to step up and make this happen. This will make a huge difference to the lives of disabled people and their families and add real value to your organisation. We encourage you to take the time to have a look through this Toolkit and work with your leadership, management and HR teams to ensure that it is widely distributed and used by your staff.

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