A Spirit Of Service

Author Biography: Peter Hughes | Head of State Services

“I strongly believe in the ideal of public service and I have devoted the whole of my working life to it. It is a privilege to serve as State Services Commissioner.”

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6 July 2017

I recently visited the Auckland Policy Office to check out how it’s getting on with addressing the many challenges that face our biggest city. 

It was great to be able to wander...

3 July 2017

You will have seen some quite personal criticism of the Head of the Ministry of Health in the media recently.

You may also have seen a letter from me asking Members of Parliament to refrain from public criticism of him. I want to talk here about why I did this.


23 June 2017

It's useful to be reminded, every now and then, that we need to work hard every day to earn the public's trust and confidence.

As a sector we've got some big and important goals in our sights, such as building better public services that are more joined up, achieving...

25 May 2017

We hear a lot said about teamwork, and how working together towards a shared goal makes the chances of success so much greater.

It’s an easy thing to say.  The challenging part of course is making it happen, to really...

9 May 2017

All of you who’ve played a part in achieving the Better Public Services targets can feel rightfully proud of the difference you’re making.  I think that what’s been achieved is really inspiring.

Last week’s announcement of a new set of 10...

27 April 2017

Many of you will have turned out for services to commemorate Anzac Day, our national day of remembrance. 

It’s great to see the numbers who want to keep alive the memory of those who served our country in past conflicts, and to honour the men and women...

13 April 2017

It was a huge privilege to be asked to speak at the Women in Public Sector Summit this week.

It was only the second such summit but already I see it becoming a major event on our calendar. The organisers reach out to women who feel they’re ready for leadership...

5 April 2017

First and foremost a big thank you to those of you who took the time to make a comment after my first blog last week.  What strikes me about your feedback is the feeling of pride that comes through.  It has been really good to hear from other public servants about...

30 March 2017

Let me start this blog in the same way that I’ve started every one of my speeches since starting in this job as State Services Commissioner last year. And that is to say that I really do believe in the ideal of public service. I believe in the spirit of service that the...

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