The Auckland Policy Office

The Auckland Policy Office's purpose

As well as acting as a central government hub, the Auckland Policy Office is geared towards building a better understanding of the needs of Auckland and its communities.
The Auckland Policy Office (APO) has a key role in keeping agencies aware of the issues and opportunities emerging in Auckland and understanding how best to respond to them.
The APO supports the State Services Commission’s ambition to help government agencies provide better, more joined up services to New Zealanders.  We are striving to make sure people get what they need, when they need it as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Building a stronger government presence in Auckland

The pace of change and growth in Auckland poses issues and opportunities not just for the city, but for all New Zealanders. Auckland’s rapid growth, its growing diversity and developments such as the establishment of the combined Auckland Council have combined to heighten the need for stronger central government leadership in our largest city.

Facilitating cross-agency policy initiatives

Our vision is for the APO to become the central hub for government policy and strategic engagement in Auckland. The APO is well positioned to assist agencies needing to collaborate across government, with Auckland Council and other key Auckland stakeholders on policy and service design initiatives.

Building talent and leadership in Auckland

The APO is focused on helping build a pipeline of State services leaders better able to reflect and serve New Zealand’s diverse communities.
The Auckland Policy Office is committed to providing opportunities for Auckland and non-Auckland based State services staff to gain valuable experience in a policy and service design environment.

Engaging with Auckland stakeholders

The work of the Auckland Policy Office is vital for effective engagement between central government, the Auckland Council and other stakeholders.

Auckland Facts

  • Over 90,000 people in Auckland work in services provided through central Government and primarily funded out of taxation – over half of these people work in health and education. 
  • Central Government is the biggest employer in Auckland and many of Auckland’s government agencies are amongst the largest enterprises in the country.
  • More than a third of New Zealand’s population resides in Auckland and nearly half of that population was born overseas.

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