Element 4: Managers model standards of integrity and conduct in their behaviour

"Tone at the top" establishes the culture of any organisation. Managers at all levels must not only behave with integrity but must be seen to do so. The confidence staff have in their organisation is related to the extent their managers model ethical behaviour. Ethical behaviour includes:

    - setting an example

    - communicating the importance of "doing the right thing"

    - sharing information about what is happening in the organisation

    - keeping promises and commitments.

    Findings Two-thirds of State servants agree their managers set a good example, communicate the importance of doing the right thing and support them to behave with integrity. A trend to be watched is that more State Servants in 2010 disagree they can trust senior and middle management to keep promises and commitments compared with 2007.

As in 2007, staff report greater trust in their immediate managers than in their senior leaders.


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