Element 5: Consequences for behaviour that breaches standards of integrity and conduct are known by State servants

An agency's culture is strengthened when staff believe ethical actions are valued, and colleagues are held to account for misconduct. Staff are less likely to report integrity breaches if they do not believe there are consequences for misconduct. Standards then become less effective. State servants need to be confident that maintaining standards is a priority for managers, that demonstrating integrity is valued, and that their agency will act on misconduct.

    Findings Two-thirds of State servants report their manager evaluates integrity and conduct as part of periodic performance appraisals. This is a significant improvement since 2007 (67% compared with 63%). However, staff who have worked in their agency for less than 12 months, are significantly less likely to know whether such evaluations occur.


Another significant change is the number of State servants who say their immediate manager disciplines employees who breach their agency's standards (59% compared with 52% in 2007).


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