Element 6: Agencies act decisively when breaches occur

To be effective, standards must be enforced. Staff must be confident their agency will take appropriate, timely and non-discriminatory action when a breach is reported. Staff reporting misconduct are more likely to be dissatisfied with their agency if they experience retaliation for reporting or they do not get positive feedback.

    Findings Only 40% of the staff who report misconduct are very satisfied or satisfied with their agency's response. There are 399 State servants who reported misconduct and who are not satisfied with the response. Of these, 81% (compared with 62% in 2007) say this is because the corrective action was not severe or complete enough. This is a statistically significant change. Only 37% of State servants received positive feedback after reporting misconduct.


State servants believe their managers are held to lesser levels of accountability for integrity breaches than their colleagues. Participants were asked whether they agree that employees, at different levels of authority, would be held accountable if they breached their organisation's standards of integrity and conduct.


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