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Result 4 Case Study 3

At the Otahuhu CYF and Schools Art Auction, the three young artists from Fairburn Road School had definitely won over the crowd.

“It’s a tree about love,” they told their audience. “The heart represents how love grows like a tree and friendships blossom. It took three days and we didn’t have to go to any other classes.”

The annual art auction is a creative way to build closer connections between Child, Youth and Family, schools, teachers, social workers and kids.

Otahuhu’s Child, Youth and Family team provides blank canvases so that each school can create a work of art. Each school is allocated a social worker to liaise with throughout the project. The paintings are then auctioned. This year, 16 schools raised more than $3,200 to buy extra school resources.

Care and protection community

“We’re creating art and relationships,” says Otahuhu site manager, Anahila Kanongata'a-Suisuiki.

Child, Youth and Family social worker Marie Daniels teamed up with Mt Richmond School, getting to know the school’s new social worker Melissa Meyer.

“It has been a great icebreaker,” says Melissa. “It’s good to know Marie. If I need support, I can just pick up the phone for help.”

The Mt Richmond children created their painting as a team.

“Some of us needed a bit more support, but we worked together and are very proud of the end result.”

A local real estate business bought the painting for $500 after Marie pitched the idea to it.

She hopes it will encourage the business to adopt the school and be involved in their events.

101 artists

One Hundred and One Artists was painted by 101 children from Otahuhu Primary School. Different shapes and colours are connected to represent friendship and family across cultures.

Their Child, Youth and Family representative was Wendy Wisbey – the differential response coordinator for Otahuhu site. 

“All the different shapes, sizes and colours link together. This gives a sense of never being alone and always having a friend – the comfort of which the children have interpreted in their painting.”

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