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Result 8 Case study 1

Corrections is expanding the use of GPS monitoring technology to allow more prisoners to take part in Release to Work (RtW), a successful programme that allows offenders to be temporarily released from prison during the day to work in jobs in the community.

The use of GPS offers an additional risk management tool by monitoring the whereabouts of prisoners on Release to Work.

Regular employment is considered to be one of the key factors in helping people who have been convicted of an offence turn their lives around. People who go to work in a regular job after they've been to prison or served a community sentence are less likely to re-offend.

Offenders approved for RtW are nearing release, have demonstrated a strong work ethic while in prison, are highly motivated and are eager to work.

The RtW programme also provides employment skills, training, and formal qualifications that will help offenders to gain sustained work on release.

Feedback from employers involved in the programme is positive and about 50% of prisoners who take part in the programme continue working for the same employer on release.

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