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Can I (or my agency) have a variation to the code of conduct?

The 2013 amendments to the State Sector Act allows the Commissioner to apply a variation of the code of conduct to any people or groups of people undertaking particular function in an agency to which the code has been applied, in light of the legal, commercial, or operational context of the agency, people or groups involved. This increased flexibility will be used in circumstances where it is unreasonable for a generic code to apply to individuals or groups of individuals. Consideration is being given to having a variation of the code of conduct for Ministerial Staff 4 . This group of employees is often referred to as Ministerial Advisers.

4: The State Sector Act defines this group of people as Ministerial Staff. Ministerial staff means the employees (including acting, temporary, or casual employees) who are employed on events-based employment agreements by the department that is responsible for the employment of ministerial staff across Minsters’ offices; and to work directly for a Minister in a Minister’s office rather than a department.

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