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How does this code of conduct fit with other legislative requirements?

It is important that we are always conscious that the powers we are given by law to do our jobs must be exercised responsibly.

This means we must act within the letter and the spirit of the law, including regulations and agency policies and procedures.  The exercise of executive powers must comply with both New Zealand law and any international conventions given effect through statute.

We must understand that our roles flow from the constitutional framework of New Zealand, which is prescribed by law and convention.  We handle information in our jobs, which means we must be particularly aware of the provisions of the Official Information Act, the Privacy Act, and the Public Records Act, but also of any other agency-specific legislation.  As State servants, we must be aware of the responsibility to properly carry out our duties and to co-operate under the provisions of the Ombudsmen Act when there is an enquiry into the way we have acted.

Provisions in the State Sector Act, Crown Entities Act, Public Finance Act, New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act and many other laws, refer specifically to the obligations we have through our work.  There is nothing in the code of conduct that in any way conflicts with the need to always meet the requirements of the law.

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