Further information resources


State Services Commission Integrity and Conduct helpdesk.

Relevant websites - New Zealand

Public Sector Intranet. Integrity and Conduct workspace. (Includes good practice examples)

Integrity Talking Points ( http://blog.e.govt.nz/?s=Integrity+Talking+Points )

Guidance from other jurisdictions

Relevant reports and guidance - New Zealand

State Services Commission. www.ssc.govt.nz
Office of the Auditor-General. www.oag.govt.nz/reports/reports/good-practice-guides

Relevant reports and guidance - international


Training materials on ethics and integrity - New Zealand

  • Department of Labour. Code of Conduct Trainer Guide. Available from the HR Capability Team, Department of Labour, P O Box 3705, Wellington. Phone 04 915 4000.
State Services Commission. www.ssc.govt.nz

Training materials on ethics and integrity - international

Australian Public Service Commission
Victoria Public Sector Standards Commissioner, State Services Authority, Australia
Queensland Health, Australia
Texas Ethics Commission

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