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Manager of managers profile

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Manager of managers profile

Managers of managers are expected to demonstrate leadership in how they manage their team and influence their performance – as leaders of other leaders they are key to delivering results across the State Services. Our new approach to leadership development will continue to see managers of managers supported by their agencies to further their career.

Stepping up requires managers of managers to actively think about their aspirations, including what experience and exposure to different roles they need. Those aspiring to become senior leaders will benefit from a mentor and should strive to develop the required competencies for senior leaders.

Required competencies

The State Services Leadership Success Profile (LSP) specifies the competencies needed by our leaders to deliver results in today’s challenging and complex environment. The competencies we’re looking for in managers of managers fit with these.

  •     Deliver results through self
  •     Deliver results through people
  •     Deliver results through vision
  •     Deliver results through execution


Leadership Success Profile competencies Managers of managers competencies
  • Willing to be the sole champion for an idea or position
  • Prepared to voice views even when challenged
  • Commit to action, even in difficult decisions
  • Conduct interactions diplomatically and with integrity
  • Are genuine and authentic
  • Keep confidences
  • Demonstrate awareness of own strengths and development needs
  • Seek feedback and respond with positive personal change
  • Demonstrate persistence and ongoing commitment to achieve goals
  • Demonstrate resilience and stay committed to work responsibilities following disappointments, rejection or setbacks
Build strategic partnerships
  • Build positive working relationships with key stakeholders across the system with a focus on achieving common goals
  • Provide information people need to know to do their jobs effectively
Ignite passion, pace and positivity
  • Drive culture change to meet the organisation’s changing environment
  • Reinforce organisational culture through role modelling appropriate behaviours
Design and develop people capacity and capability
  • Display appropriate knowledge and understanding of cultural groups and their values
  • Foster a supportive environment focused on the development of individuals
  • Encourage others to achieve mutual goals through valuing and drawing on individual differences and talents
Imagine an inspirational future; make it happen
  • Vividly describe the organisation’s strategy in a way that helps others to see, feel and align with the vision
  • Work with senior leaders (and Ministers) to ensure priority outcomes are managed effectively
Create opportunities through foresight and insight
  • Demonstrate intellectual horsepower by providing leadership in issues that may be ambiguous and complex
  • Good at getting to the essence of issues
  • Make decisions, shape and adjust team and group priorities according to the context of organisation’s vision, values and operating environment
Collaborate to build and share a common purpose and direction
  • Recognise when appropriate to focus on common good rather than personal priorities
  • Proactively collaborate across the wider State sector to deliver cross-government priorities
  • Influence others and engender commitment without having to rely on formal authority
Innovate and integrate
  • Actively align systems to address future challenges and maximise delivery of outcomes
  • Thrive when working with complexity
  • Synthesise disparate ideas to make meaningful connections and generate fresh approaches
  • Plan and prioritise to support innovation and improvement
  • Monitor the environmental factors impacting on the organisation
Ensure operational excellence
  • Establish stretch goals for self and others that are designed to achieve positive business results
  • Manage non-performance effectively.

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