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How NZ Public Service chief executive pay rates compare

This is an area of significant interest to the public who want to be assured they are getting value for money from their public services, including remuneration paid to chief executives.

We all want high performing government departments delivering high quality public services. To do that we need our departments to be led by highly competent, highly qualified people.

Government departments are generally large, complex organisations with significant responsibilities and often large numbers of staff.

The remuneration paid to Public Service chief executives is lower than would be paid in the private sector for a job of a similar size. While this is the reality and is unlikely to change, the Commissioner has to make sure chief executives' remuneration does not get too far out of step with private sector chief executive remuneration.

If that happens we run the risk of the talented and qualified people New Zealand needs to run the Public Service taking up other employment, either here or overseas. This could lead to deterioration in the standard of public services available to New Zealanders.

Ensuring we can attract and retain the people we need has to be carefully balanced against also making sure there is good value for the taxpayer.

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