Appendix A: List of Interviewees

As part of the review, several external stakeholders were interviewed on a non-attribution basis to obtain views on the options for NZFSA. Various MAF and NZFSA personnel were also interviewed but they are not included in the list below.



Hon. Jim Anderton

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Hon. Annette King

Minister of State Services and Minister for Food Safety



Simon Murdoch and Derek Leask

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Maarten Weavers and Todd Krieble

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Geoff Dangerfield

Ministry of Economic Development

Mike James, David Galt and Frederic Ernst

The Treasury

Don Matheson

Ministry of Health



Murray Wright

Crown Company Monitoring Unit

Peter Adams


Alison Taylor

Ministry for Youth Development

Primary Industry Associations


Charlie Pedersen, Angela Brierley and Catherine Petrey

Federated Farmers of New Zealand Inc

Mark Jeffries and Ben O'Brien

Meat and Wool New Zealand

Caryll Shailer, Rowan Ogg and Dave Harrison

Meat Industry Association

Michael Brooks

Poultry Industry Association

Peter Ensore

Horticulture New Zealand

Owen Symmans

Seafood Industry Council

Philip Gregan

New Zealand Winegrowers

Food Organisations and Consumer Groups


Fran Wilde

Food Safety Advisory Board

Brenda Cutress

Grocery Marketers

John Albertson

New Zealand Retailers Association

Alastair Rowe

Restaurant Association

Raewyn Bleakley

Hospitality Association of New Zealand

David Russell

Consumers Institute



Brian Lynch


Philip Turner and Jeremy Hill


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