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Capping of Core Government Administration

Figure 1.3 also shows the number of staff under the cap on Core Government Administration (lower line), compared to the Public Service (higher line). The two lines cover different groups of staff. The Public Service line covers FTE staff in 29 Public Service departments, including three front line business units: Work and Income, Child Youth and Family within the Ministry of Social Development and Corrections Services within the Department of Corrections.

The Core Government Administration line tracks progress against the government's capping policy. It measures staff positions (FTE staff plus vacancies) and covers the Public Service, excluding the three front line business units mentioned above, and includes five large Crown entities (NZTA, NZTE, NZQA, TEC and HNZC) that are outside the Public Service. (Six-monthly update reports on capping are available at the State Services Commission website:

Despite the overall increase in the Public Service employees over the last three years, the number of positions in Core Government Administration has generally been declining and remained below the cap, reaching 35,632 at 30 June 2015.

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