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5 Workplace

The 2011 Better Public Services Advisory Group Report stated that improved State sector performance will require a culture that supports collaboration, innovation, continuous improvement and citizen/business centred service delivery. This has been supported by findings from the Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) that show the need to build a culture of high performance, to strengthen processes of identifying and managing poor performance and to improve employee engagement. It is also critical that public servants operate in a way that is fair, impartial, responsible and trustworthy. All these factors are driven to some degree by culture.

A great place to work is one where there is a high degree of mutual trust, where people respect the integrity of their leaders and colleagues, and enjoy working together harmoniously to achieve meaningful results. The "Great Workplaces" initiative is focussed on State Service agencies aspiring to high standards of behaviour as an integral part of their performance. The work initiative aims to inform the State Services' collective understanding of workplace behaviours and culture, and the ability to make positive and sustainable change; and provide agencies with information, tools, training and practical resources to support behaviours, skills and processes that will achieve and maintain a high integrity culture in the Public Service.

Human resource indicators, such as staff engagement, turnover and sick leave usage, provide insights into organisational workplace culture. These measures should be used in conjunction with other contextual information, to provide richer insights to organisational performance.

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