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Appendix 5

Occupations in the HR customised occupation groups

HRC customised reporting group


Common occupations


All managers in the Public Service.

Chief Executive Office Manager
Policy and Planning Manager Corporate Services Manager Finance Manager
ICT Manager

Policy Analysts

The code Policy Analyst is also used for employees in advisory roles.

Policy Analyst Advisor

Information Professionals

Professionals who analyse and manage information and data. Also included are professionals who provide advice on business and organisational methods.

Management Consultant Liaison Officer Statistician
Intelligence Officer Librarian

Social, Health and Education Workers

Professionals who work in the Social, Health and Education sectors.

Welfare and Social Worker Teacher Aide
Residential Care Officer Education Adviser Careers Counsellor

ICT Professionals and Technicians

Covers all ICT staff at the Professional and Technical Level

Systems Analyst Business Analyst Programmer
Customer Support Officer Systems Administrator

Legal, Human Resources and Finance Professionals

Professionals who provide services in legal, financial accounting and human resource matters.

Training and Development Professional
Accountant Auditor
Human Resource Adviser

Other Professionals not elsewhere included[16]

All other Professionals not covered elsewhere.

Park Ranger
Public Relations Professional
Conservation Officer
Environmental Consultant

Inspectors and Regulatory Officers

Staff who administer and enforce government and corporate regulations and standards.

Prison Officer
Parole or Probation Officer
Customs Officer
Taxation Inspector
Court Registry Officer
Quarantine Officer

Contact Centre Workers

Contact and Call Centre workers, Inquiry Clerks, and their immediate supervisors.

Call or Contact Centre Operator
Inquiry Clerk
Call or Contact Centre Team Leader

Clerical and Administrative Workers General Administrative and Office Support staff at the clerical level.

General Clerk
Personal Assistant
Program or Project Administrator
Accounts Clerk
Clerk of Court
Receptionist (General)
Filing or Registry Clerk

Other Occupations All occupations not classified elsewhere

All occupations not classified elsewhere

Unknown Unknown or unclassifiable occupations Unknown occupations

[15] This group includes communications managers.

[16] This group includes communications staff in non-management roles.

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