Implementation and Breaches of the Access, Security and Privacy Protocols

The State Services Commissioner is responsible for implementing the protocols. The custodians of the data have signed a confidentiality agreement that specifies compliance with these protocols.

Failure to comply with these protocols will be subject to established Public Service disciplinary procedures. Prompt and rigorous action will be taken to review any allegation of conduct or process that breaches these protocols.

Individuals or organisations contracted by the State Services Commission to carry out work using the unit record data will be subject to the Commission's standard confidentiality agreement, which includes the following statement:

You must keep confidential, during the contract period and afterwards, all matters relating to this Assignment and shall not, at any time, disclose any information whatsoever, other than in proper fulfilment of the Assignment. All working papers, reports and any other papers or information produced or obtained in any manner whatsoever in carrying out this Assignment shall be the property of the Commissioner.

Penalties for breaches of this provision are contained in Appendix 1.

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