Statutory Background

The SSC collects detailed human resource information from State sector agencies to carry out its functions under the State Sector Act. Section 6 of the Act outlines the principal functions of the State Services Commissioner and these include:

(b) To review the performance of each department, including the discharge by the chief executive of his or her functions.


(f) To promote and develop personnel policies and standards of personnel administration for the Public Service.

(g) To promote, develop, and monitor equal employment opportunities policies and programmes for the Public Service.

(h) To furnish advice on the training and career development of staff in the Public Service.

In addition, section 7 empowers the State Services Commissioner to collect information from departments:

The Commissioner shall have all such powers as are reasonably necessary or expedient to enable the Commissioner to carry out the functions and duties imposed upon the Commissioner under this Act or any other enactment.

The SSC is also required, by Cabinet directives CO(88)11, STA (90) M4/1, STA (94) M12, and STA (96) M2/2, to collect annual employment information from Public Service departments.

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