Appendix 4: Terms and Conditions for use of Human Resources Capability (HRC) Survey information by Central Agency staff

From HRC survey data the SSC produces a set of reports for departments on the department's own HRC data, and with that provides a set of reports on the public service as a whole. Central Agency staff can access these HRC reports and ad hoc reports containing department-specific data for statistical and research purposes. Staff using the HRC reports will be trained in their content and appropriate use. Use of information from the HRC survey indicates agreement to abide by the following conditions:

1 HRC survey information should always be used with consultation with Central Agency colleagues and the HRC project team.

2 Departments should be consulted for contextual information where their HRC information is used for analysis.

3 No HRC survey information is to be released to non-Central Agency staff, without the prior approval of the HRC project team.

4 Any HRC survey data on individual departments must not be released to other departments or the public.

5 Any Official Information Act request for departmental data should be forwarded to the HRC team in SSC.

There are some aspects of HRC survey data that should be noted:

  • To protect the privacy of individual public servants, count output from the HRC survey has been rounded. This means that the actual counts may slightly differ from reported counts. Therefore the output from an HRC report will also slightly differ from that produced by a department.
  • The HRC data is current at its collection point (30 June of each year). Given the time period between the data collection and the data use it may be more appropriate to use current information sourced from the department rather than the HRC data.
  • If staff from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet wish to access HRC survey data, they should request it of the HRC project team in SSC in the first instance, before going through other Central Agency staff.

More detail on the protocols surrounding security, privacy of, and access to HRC survey information can be found in the full HRC protocols.

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