By ethnicity

Comfort being out at work

European and Māori respondents felt the most comfortable at work and reported the least amount of discomfort at being ‘out’ or open at work. Asian and MELAA (Middle Eastern/Latin American/African) respondents felt the most uncomfortable at work.

Being out can indicate a sense of belonging. Comfort at work by ethnicity can parallel a person’s lived experience of inclusion within their own ethnic group’s attitudes to sexuality and gender identity.


Ease of being yourself

Data for ease of being yourself was similar across ethnic groups, except for Pacific respondents who were more likely to report finding it sometimes easy, sometimes hard. The MELAA (Middle Eastern/Latin American/African) and Asian ethnicity groups have the highest proportion that found it very easy or easy to be themselves despite the previous findings that they felt the most uncomfortable being out at work.

It’s important to recognise that many people find it easy to be themselves, however doing so doesn’t always imply that it is a comfortable situation. The two indicators have subtle, but significant differences.

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