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How does this operating expectations framework work?

Statutory Crown entities work to three sets of expectations:

  • The Enduring Letter of Expectations from the Ministers of Finance and State Services
  • Ministerial expectations, which inform entities' strategic direction over the next four years (set out in their Statements of Intent) and priorities for the coming year (set out in their Statements of Performance Expectations), and
  • Operating expectations, which guide engagement between the statutory entity, its responsible Minister and the monitoring department. These are intended to help the parties achieve trusting, productive relationships.

Within the operating expectations framework there are four guiding principles:

1. Clear roles and responsibilities

2. Strategic alignment

3. Efficient and effective monitoring, and

4. Trusted engagement.

Each guiding principle contains a set of working principles, for which specific expectations of each party are laid out. The operating expectations framework allows you to:

  • check your own roles and responsibilities and the associated expectations
  • cross-check them against the roles and responsibilities of the other parties, and
  • access supporting resources (including legislation, guidance, expert advice and examples of good practice).

For each operating expectation, narrative and links to further information and resources are included. These links enable access to up to date user guides designed to meet the needs of:

  • Ministers, and their staff
  • Crown entities boards and staff
  • monitoring departments.

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