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How do the expectations relate to Crown entities' accountabilities?

Crown entities are part of the State sector. The Crown Entities Act specifies the accountability regime applying to Crown entities. Entities are accountable to government through their Minister. Their performance is monitored, as is that of all other State sector entities. The operating expectations framework has been designed to assist all three parties understand their roles and responsibilities and deliver on their legal accountabilities.

Work in the UK on arm's-length public bodies identified four critical requirements for accountability to be effective:

Clarity of accountability Knowing what you are accountable for, and to whom you are accountable. These accountabilities must be documented and publicly available.
Sufficiency of control Having sufficient control over the things which you are held responsible for.
Clarity of consequences Being aware of the likely consequences that will result from carrying out responsibilities at above or below defined levels (and consequences should be proportionate).
Sufficiency of information Enough information must be available to judge whether responsibilities have been performed.


Source: Institute for Government, Accountability at the Top: Supporting Effective Leadership in Whitehall (2013),

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