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Ensure effective and customised performance monitoring

The responsible Minister The Crown entity Monitoring department
  • provides timely advice to the entity and Department on the entity’s output priorities for the next financial year

  • clarifies the Department’s monitoring priorities

  • clarifies their reporting expectations to the entity and Department

  • provides timely feedback to the entity and Department on performance reports

  • ensures the entity and Department understand the consequences of under- or non-performance

  • actively involves the Department in developing the framework for reporting on its annual and longer term performance

  • ensures its monitoring practice:

    • seeks information that supports progress towards policy results

    • confirms that performance reporting data is aligned with the entity’s internal management data

    • sets a reporting timetable with proportional compliance costs that ensures performance is clearly demonstrated

    • supports the Minister’s relationship with the entity

  • ensures the Minister’s information needs are met

  • builds the Minister’s trust in its own performance as the monitoring department

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