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Build and maintain relationships


The responsible Minister The Crown entity Monitoring department
  • invests time in building a productive working relationship with the entity’s chair and senior management

  • ensures the Department is aware of Ministerial communication with the entity

  • ensures the entity is given advance notice of sector stakeholder meetings, and invites its advice

  • offers to induct a new Minister into the work of the entity, including meeting the board

  • recognises the Department’s different roles as ‘friendly critic’ and ‘supporter’

  • communicates the focus of the Department’s monitoring priorities to relevant entity managers

  • fosters trusted working relationships with critical senior Department staff to facilitate the full, free and frank exchange of information on day-to-day and strategic activity

  • actively invests time and effort to strengthen relationships with the Department

  • briefs the Department in advance on major new initiatives or changes in priorities and seeks feedback

  • ensures a new Minister receives an early, accurate and balanced briefing on the entity

  • ensures Department staff understand and respect the ‘arm’s-length’ principle, and when the Department should be acting as ‘friendly critic’ or ‘supporter’

  • builds its relationship-management capacity to ensure skilled, knowledgeable and credible staff manage and nurture relationships with the entity

  • is open in its dealings with the entity

  • with the entity, develops and adheres to joint communications protocols

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