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Ensure effective meetings

The responsible Minister The Crown entity Monitoring department
  • establishes and keeps to a realistic and achievable timetable of meetings with the entity and Department officials

  • ensures the entity and Department are well informed about the Minister’s views on agenda topics

  • prepares well for meetings with the Minister, ensuring agendas are concise and focus on a few important (usually strategic) issues

  • before meetings, provides the Minister with concise briefing papers on critical agenda items

  • informs the Department of agenda items and the entity’s position

  • when required, provides the Minister’s office with timely advice on agenda items

  • confirms with the entity matters of fact or matters on which the Department may have a differing opinion (in accordance with the ‘no surprises’ convention)

  • has a scheduled programme of meetings with the chair, chief executive, designated liaison staff and topic-specific staff, where appropriate

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