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The overall Service Quality Score (SQS) for June 2015 is 74, one point higher than June 2014 and two points higher than June 2012 and June 2013. Satisfaction has increased from 68 in 2007.

Over the 2015 year:

  • 23 services improved their annual scores on their June 2014 score. Eight of these improvements were statistically significant.
  • Nine services recorded the same service quality score as in June 2014.
  • Ten services recorded decreases in service quality over the year. None of these decreases were statistically significant.
  • Demographic analysis at a total SQS level shows:
  • Overall, females are more satisfied with public services than males.
  • Those of Asian ethnicity have the highest satisfaction of all ethnic groups with Māori the lowest.
  • Satisfaction among those aged 55+ is higher than for younger people.
  • Satisfaction is lower among those people who reported having a disability.

Since 2007 satisfaction with public sector services has been higher than for the private sector.

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