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Kiwis Count asks New Zealanders about their experience of using public services. It is part of the New Zealanders' Experience (NZE) research programme, established in 2007 by the State Services Commission (SSC). Kiwis Count assists SSC to monitor satisfaction with, and trust in, public services over time. The research programme addresses questions that underpin two of the State Services Commissioner's key statutory functions:

  • promote and reinforce standards of integrity and conduct in the State Services
  • work with leaders across the State Services to improve the way agencies think, operate and perform. In regard to this role, SSC is shifting its approach, from setting policy and the framework to change, to assisting agencies to work at pace across agency boundaries to deliver improved services and results to New Zealanders.

Initiatives, such as Kiwis Count and the Continuous Improvement (CI) programme, are examples of how SSC provides practical assistance to agencies to deliver improved results to New Zealanders. Case studies from New Zealand Police and Inland Revenue (pages 16-21) show how agencies have focused on understanding their customers' needs in order to improve service design and delivery. Kiwis Count lets these agencies measure their service improvements over time and benchmark them against other public services. In addition, between December 2014 and August 2015, New Zealand Police worked with SSC's “better every day” CI team to understand and improve customer experience on first contact with Police. An initial project in South Auckland involved capturing data on high frequency requests for service and identifying and trialling ways to make it easier for customers to connect with Police services and receive a satisfactory response. The work has now been assigned to internal Police project groups for implementation.

Kiwis Count is based on the methodology of the Canadian government survey, Citizens First. Appendix 1 describes the Kiwis Count survey methodology.

The 2015 Kiwis Count annual report draws on the experience of 2,365 New Zealanders who completed the survey in the year to 30 June 2015. It presents the annual trust and overall satisfaction figures, the annual Service Quality Score (SQS) results for individual services and includes demographic analysis of the trust and service quality results.

More information about the NZE research programme is on page 14. This section describes the key factors (or drivers) that have the greatest influence on New Zealanders' satisfaction with, and trust in, public services and shows performance information since 2012 on the key drivers of customer satisfaction.

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