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New Zealanders' Experience Research Programme

This programme is a research initiative designed to find out how New Zealanders experience public services and to develop tools through which services can improve.

There are three integrated aspects of NZE that were designed to compliment and strengthen each other: Kiwis Count, the Common Measurements Tool and the Drivers of Satisfaction (see figure 6).

Kiwis Count measures service satisfaction and trust in government at the macro level.

Agencies are also encouraged to measure satisfaction with their services at a detailed level to help them understand how they are doing in improving areas which matter most to New Zealanders, and where to focus resources for the greatest impact.

The Common Measurements Tool (CMT) is a databank of customer satisfaction questions which agencies can use as they develop their surveys. This saves them from developing their own question banks and allows them to benchmark their results against similar agencies. Approximately a third of New Zealand's service delivery agencies use CMT.

Figure 6: New Zealanders’ Experience Research Programme (NZE)


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