The State Services Commissioner today released his report to the Minister of State Services on the Ministry of Health’s employment contracting processes.

Earlier this week the Commissioner was asked by the Minister of State Services, Tony Ryall, to check that the appointments of two people at the Ministry of Health were in line with the Ministry's internal policies and guidelines.

The Commissioner is satisfied that the Ministry has acted in good faith and complied with its own policies and procedures.

Regarding the employment of Dr McCormack and Mr English, the Commissioner does not consider any further action is necessary into this matter.

He did note that there is a judgement call to be made by departments when establishing a fixed term position as to whether it is practicable to notify the vacancy.

In working with the Ministry on this issue, the Commissioner has become aware that there may be difficulties for agencies in interpreting section 61 of the State Sector Act and he has asked his staff to look into whether there is a need to provide guidance to support agencies in this regard.

The report is available on the Commission’s website:

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