Following public consultation over October to December 2018 on five proposals of change to the Protected Disclosures Act, the Government has announced changes to the Protected Disclosures Act.

The Government will take a two-phased approach to strengthening our protected disclosures regime introducing legislative amendments that will address the key deficiencies in the Protected Disclosures Act. In addition, the State Services Commission will investigate further possible amendments to the Act, including the potential for a ‘one stop shop’ for disclosures, and test the feasibility and usefulness of establishing reporting and monitoring arrangements. 

The State Services Commission is also continuing to build awareness of the Act and the existing standards and guidance for Speaking up in the State services.

As part of the regulatory change process, Cabinet requires agencies to undertake an analysis of the impact of the proposed changes and provide the impact statement for Cabinet consideration. This helps ensure that the proposed reforms are as effective as possible.  Read here for the regulatory impact assessment.


Related documents including the Cabinet Paper for the Government Administration and Expenditure Cabinet Committee together with the Minutes of the Cabinet and Committee decisions, and Summary of the Submissions are proactively released at:

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