State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie commented today after a High Court decision on a challenge to the inquiry being undertaken by Paula Rebstock from an 'Applicant A'. 

The Court found that Ms Rebstock had followed due process in undertaking her inquiry into the leak of Cabinet papers relating to restructuring plans at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).  

"Ms Rebstock’s inquiry has been complex and required careful consideration of the rights of all individuals concerned.  It has involved a large number of interviews and a large amount of information collection and analysis.

"I have not received a report from Ms Rebstock.  I look forward to receiving it when it is available.

"In the meantime, I note the guidance on the natural justice process released as part of the judgment," Mr Rennie said. 

Mr Rennie said that he cannot comment further this matter as an appeal has been lodged by ‘Applicant A’. 


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