The State Services Commission has reported on State Sector chief executive pay since 2010. 

The annual disclosure provides transparency for the public around the levels of remuneration received by chief executives.

The Senior Pay Report, including the disclosure of chief executive remuneration, sets out the remuneration of chief executives in the Public Service and State sector for the year to 1 July - 30 June 2018.  It also provides some analysis or remuneration increases and comparisons with other groups.

In 2018 we changed the way we report CE remuneration to make comparisons easier. We moved to reporting an accrual form of reporting that better reflects remuneration earned. This means the only changes in remuneration will have been caused by a change in salary, a change in the amount of performance pay awarded, or less than a full year in the role. This allows more meaningful comparisons in how remuneration varies over time and between roles.  Because we made changes, we are re-reporting in the 2018 report, last year’s information on the same basis as this year to enable valid comparison.

Press Release: " Senior pay starts to level off"

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