New Zealand Police (Police) - Ngā Pirihimana o Aotearoa - serves the community on behalf of the Government by reducing the incidence and effects of crime, detecting and apprehending offenders, maintaining law and order, and enhancing public safety. The organisation spans twelve Police districts and almost 400 domestic locations, operated by over 12,000 staff.

Police has a number of statutory functions, including keeping the peace, maintaining public safety, law enforcement, crime prevention, community support and reassurance, national security, participation in policing activities outside New Zealand and emergency management.

In addition to the organisation’s operational role, Police works at a system level with Public sector agencies to achieve the Government’s priority of healthier, safer and more connected communities. Other priorities include strengthening relationships with Māori, reducing reoffending, and working with other justice sector agencies to reduce the prison population.

The Commissioner of Police leads and manages the organisation across its broad range of roles and functions, and is responsible for setting a strategic direction that balances operational and system priorities. This  includes leading New Zealand’s response to incidents that challenge or threaten national security, and fulfilling a co-operative role off-shore where New Zealand’s security interests or citizen’s safety are at risk.

The Commissioner of Police is appointed by the Governor-General, on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. The appointee must be able to obtain and maintain New Zealand Government Top Secret Special security clearance.

The position is open to applications from those who hold, or have previously held, office as New Zealand Police constables.

Applications must be submitted on Reference: 6447 by Sunday 13 October 2019.

Further enquiries: David Hollander or Simon Boyes, JacksonStone & Partners, on 04 550 8000.

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